Introducing our high-quality 2k Rough Gray Stone PBR Texture, perfect for adding a touch of realism to your 3D models and game environments. This texture features intricate Rough Gray Stone details, all captured in stunning 2k resolution. It is also a seamlessly tiling PBR texture. This Rough Gray Stone PBR Texture is free to download and easy to use, making it an excellent addition to your texture library. Use it for flooring, walls, rocks, and more. With this Rough Gray Stone texture, you’ll be able to create stunning, photo-realistic environments that will impress your audience. Download it now for free and experience the difference it makes to your models!

All image texture maps for Rough Gray Stone are in PNG format and are at 2K (2048×2048 pixels) in resolution. You are free to use this Rough Gray Stone Texture PBR on your projects, without attribution. The Rough Gray Stone texture workflow pack contains the following stone/rock texture – seamless tiling:

  • Diffuse Map
  • Height/Displacement Map
  • Smoothness/Roughness Map
  • Normal Map

Please Read Before Downloading this PBR Texture

You are free to download and use this PBR material for both commercial or non-commercial projects. You are not required to give any credit or royalty, even if you make money from it. However, you must NOT redistribute any of our PBR texture files or any other resource on other websites, file-sharing platforms, email, etc. If you would like to share our resources, please link to the relevant page directly. You must NOT link to the files themselves. If you do use our PBR resources, credit would be appreciated, but not demanded. Although we are careful, we cannot guarantee that our resources are error and virus free. You download and use these files at your own risk.

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