This is a free, high-resolution (4K) PBR texture of a cobbled surface. It is perfect for use in 3D modeling and game development. The texture is tiling, allowing you to seamlessly repeat it along the surface of your 3D models. Download it now and give your game or animation a realistic, high-quality cobbled surface.

All image texture maps for Cobbles #6 are in PNG format and are at 4K (4096×4096 pixels) in resolution. You are free to use this material on your projects, without attribution. The Cobbles #6 texture workflow pack contains the following seamless materials:

  • Diffuse Map
  • Height Map
  • Smoothness/Roughness Map
  • Normal Map

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  1. joey

    the link directs to cobbles #4


      I know it has been a while, but thanks for spotting this. It should now work.

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